Global Features

This video shows the different Global Features in the Enfinity ERP System.

Use of Workflow

This video showcases the workflow engine in the enfinity system and demonstrates it using the example of a leave transaction.

Fixed Assets Module

Accounts Receivable

This Module consists of all customer related transactions such as cash, bank. It also provides customer ageing reports for analysis.

Accounts Payable

This Module consists of all supplier related transactions such as cash, bank. It also provides supplier ageing reports for analysis.

General Ledger

General Ledger module is used for creation of JV's and bank transactions in the Enfinity ERP system.

Inventory Module

Enfinity consists of a strong inventory module that has all inventory related transactions and also strong reporting on item as well as stock level.


Complete procurement module to handle various procurement related transaction and provide reports


Enfinity ERP has a complete sales module to manage all sales related transactions, such as sales quotation, POS, sales invoice, return etc.

Ministry Forms Printing

Overtime Types

This showcases the master to store the different overtime types in an organization

Variable Salary Transaction

Leave Resume Transaction

Leave Transaction

Penalty Transaction

Employee Promotion

Suspend Transaction

Loan Transaction

Overtime Transaction

This transaction in created in the system to manage the overtime that the employees do in the organization.

Leave Adjustment Transaction

This transaction is created in the system for adjustment to employee leaves.

Employee Creation

Employee creation is used to create a new employee in the system and allows to add all employee related information in the system.

Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment transaction is created to en cash leaves taken by an employee in the system.

Performance Appraisal

This module is used to evaluate and monitor the performance of employees based on appraisal and 360 feedback.