Enfinity ERP consist of Purchase module to handle all purchase related transaction and better manage suppliers of the organisation.


Better Collaboration with Suppliers

Enfinity procurement provides necessary tools to measure, rate and continually improve vendor effectiveness.

Excellent Sourcing and Procurement processes

Enfinity Procurement manages process from requisitioning, to purchase order creation and print, to receipt of goods.

Smoother operations with improved spend insights and higher compliance

Enfinity procurement provides reports to monitor supplier delivery performance based on receipt dates, quantities, and quality by comparing planned to actual.


  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Returns
  • Quotations
  • Landed Cost (Distribution per line item, based on quantity value
  • Comparative Quotation Analysis
  • From Mutliple Supplier Purchase History (by item, supplier, period)
  • Item / Document Level Discounts
  • Item Cost Analysis Sheet
  • Partial Shipment
  • Pending Orders Analysis
  • Negative Stock Check for Returned Material
  • Integrated with Accounts and Inventory