Fixed Assets

Enfinity ERP consists of Fixed Assets module that help create, manage and track assets for the organization.


Efficient Management of Fixed Assets

Enfinity Fixed Assets provides for the efficient management of fixed assets, from asset acquisition, through depreciation, to retirement, transfer or disposal.

Accurate Tracking and Valuation

It ensures accurate tracking and valuation of fixed assets and improves efficiency through multiple depreciation methods to calculate asset depreciation for operational and financial reporting.

Operational Cost

Enfinity fixed assets helps in reduce operational cost by streamlining the different processes and transactions that are related to fixed assets.

Real time visibility and reporting

Enfinity Fixed assets gives the organization real time visibility into their fixed assets along with strong reporting tool that helps in smooth decision making in an organization.


  • Multiple Depreciation Methods
  • Asset Adjustment
  • Asset Write Off
  • Multiple Asset Categories
  • Multiple Asset Units
  • Asset Locations
  • Location Transfer
  • Complete Asset Tracking and History
  • Integrated with Accounts