The perfect HR software to manage your workforce

Enfinity HRMS is a complete HR system that encompasses all HR related practices and transaction, the system is designed to be 100% compliant with GCC and Kuwait Labor Laws.


Complete Employee Management

Enfinity HRMS which automates basic, personnel-related data, and leverages a centralized database that enables employees and management to access up-to-date, consistent information.

Ease of Access

Enfinity HRMS makes it easier for HR to access critical information of employee required for processing of certain transactions and allows storage of legal documents and licenses related to employee which can be accessed in a single click.

Hassle free processing

Enfinity HRMS takes the hassle out of processing payroll, deduction calculations and streamline your payroll data entry process.

Operational Efficiency

Enfinity Payroll reduces the time frame for processing of HR transactions thereby providing results much faster in lesser amount of time.

Ease of integration

Enfinity Payroll integrates easily with any third party financial systems that allows it to work globally with all systems.


  • Complete Employee Management
  • Inbuilt workflow
  • Advanced reporting and Analysis
  • Flexible payroll processing
  • Multi function management and reporting
  • Cost effective
  • Comprehensive and complete information
  • Focus on your core business
  • Keeps you compliant


HR Core

Enfinity HR consists of complete employee management and information that allows for creation of various transactions and also for printing of various government related forms.

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Enfinity payroll is complete solution that has ability to automate all payroll related transactions and provides a strong reporting tool.

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Employee Self Service

ESS in Enfinity allows Employee to login into the system, allowing to send various requests for approval of higher management and also download information such as payslips.

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Performance Appraisal

Enfinity HRMS consist of a complete appraisal module that allows organization to handle the appraisal and feedback process for their employees with ease.

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Enfinity HRMS has a complete Recruitment module that automates the recruitment process allowing to streamline various tasks thereby achieving the objectives in a timely manner.

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Time & Attendance

Enfinity HRMS consist of Time and Attendance module that helps automate the attendance process thereby making sure that employees adhere to the organization timing and attendance policies.

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