HR Core

Enfinity HR consists of complete employee management and information that allows for creation of various transactions and also for printing of various government related forms.


Complete Employee Management

Enfinity HRMS which automates basic, personnel-related data, and leverages a centralized database that enables employees and management to access up-to-date, consistent information

Ease of Access

Enfinity HRMS makes it easier for HR to access critical information of employee required for processing of certain transactions and allows storage of legal documents and licenses related to employee which can be accessed in a single click.

Tracking and Monitoring

Enfinity HRMS helps in tracking and monitoring details of employees such as leave balances, Indemnity and other accruals for necessary processing as well as allows tracking of documents to manage renewals based on expiry dates by generating alerts.

Make decisions faster

Enfinity HRMS has strong built in reporting tools that allows HR and Management to quickly review information which allows in faster and better decision making.


  • Employee Profile, Status and History
  • Forms and Letter Printing (ministry forms, bank letter, social security letter)
  • Employee Assets Tracking
  • Advances Employee Document Management (with renewal expiry notifications)
  • Manage Employee Residency / Visa (single or multiple sponsors)
  • Employee Grading
  • Track Employee Personal Details (passport, dependents passport, visas, leave facilities, salary benefits, allowances, attendance and overtime)
  • Employee Training (types of training, trainer details, training schedules, training cost, attendees)
  • Disciplinary Processing Transactions
  • Transfer / Suspension of Employees
  • Alerts and Reminders for Various Activities
  • Flexibility Organisation Structures (levels and relationships)
  • Headcounts and Budgeting (Variance report integrated with Payroll)