Monitor Project Performance

Utilize timely, integrated cost information to assure project execution meets expectations.

Capitalize on Global Opportunities

Link dispersed project teams to meet work demands and helps track project work progress and requirements.

Drive Enterprise Profitability

Enable activity-based and project-based management capabilities to improve cost performance. It helps project managers in bringing projects on time and within budget by allowing them to track budgeted vs actual expenses at every stage.

Evaluate Expenditures

Compare expenditures to forecasts, budgets, and revenue to track progress and profitability.

Ease of Integration and Management

It integrates projects with sales orders, deliveries, purchases and billings. It allows breaking projects and budgets into activities for easier management.


  • Earned Value Management
  • Cost Management (by item, hour, expense)
  • Time Phased Budget
  • Time Phased Performance
  • Forecasting (ETC / EAC / Variances)
  • Actual vs Budgeted Reports
  • Earned Value Performance
  • Negative Stock Check
  • Project Grouping
  • Milestone Based Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated with Accounts, Inventory and Human Resource